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Traffic Law VIC

There are tough penalties in force for speeding, drink-driving, unlicensed driving and other serious driving offences in Victoria. Immediate roadside licence suspension may also apply for certain speeding, drink-driving and other serious offences causing death or grievous bodily harm.

Pursuance to road safety, the Traffic Law legislation in Victoria sets out the standards on drivers while driving on the roads and imposes certain penalties to traffic law offenders. It includes the Road Safety Act and the Transport Accident Act, which also lays down the rules on vehicle licensing and penalties, rink driving, and drug driving.

Victoria has the highest density of roads among all the states in Australia but unlike the other mainland states, the population in Victoria is somehow big and diverse. People in the far north-west mostly do not have permanent settlement. Any person coming from a different country can expect busy roads as people travel from one place to another.

Considering the various modes of transportation in Victoria ranging from trucks to bicycles, public buses and taxis, the traffic law sets out a very strict standards on how drivers should behave when driving on the roads. Part of the law also includes responsible road planning, timely registration for motor vehicles, and strict compliance with the licensing rules.

Putting road safety as a primary concern, the Victoria government also sets out a compulsory seat belt registration – the first among all the states in Australia. Under the traffic law, a person who commits a traffic offense may be charged with penalties in their maximum or minimum period depending on the traffic offense committed and the representation before the court. To avoid conviction under the traffic law, it is important for an individual to observe traffic rules and regulations.

The traffic rules in Victoria can be complex and difficult. If you have been charged of certain traffic offense or if you wish to have a full understanding of how the traffic rules and regulation in Victoria works, do not hesitate to contact an expert lawyer to be given a timely advice. 

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