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Criminal Law VIC

The criminal legal system is designed to protect members of the community and their property. It is also intended to deal appropriately with individuals who do not follow the law.

The principle role of the criminal justice system is to determine whether a person’s actions or conduct form a criminal offence. The criminal justice system is divided into three separate sections.

Such as the investigative process, which involves investigations by State or Federal Police; the adjudicative process, when a case is taken before the courts to be heard and a penalty is imposed; and the correctional stage, where an offender completes a term of community service or serves his or her sentence in prison or some other correctional system.

This section of the website contains some of the many legal articles covering all manner of criminal offences, 'white collar' offences and traffic offences in Victoria. Other offences that aren't listed in this section can be discussed with your criminal lawyer. Most crimes in Victorian jurisdiction are codified in the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic.). There are also a number of common law provisions for criminal conduct within Victoria. The Crimes Act covers a range of offences relating to violence, sex offences, property, fraud, arson, corruption, breaches of the peace and others. It also contains procedural rules and practices.

White Collar Crimes?

White collar crimes are a variety of non-violent crimes usually committed in commercial or business situations for financial gain. Most of these crimes are prosecuted by the federal government and are very serious in nature. The term "White collar" refers to the fact that people who commit these crimes are usually high-powered professionals, and not "Blue-Collar" labourer's.

Further offences are contained in other pieces of legislation, for example, the 

The Victorian criminal justice system requires the accused person to be proven guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt." Otherwise, the accused person is found not guilty.

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